Why You Should Adapt Your Travel Style to COVID World

Safety, convenience, flexibility and peace-of-mind are top reasons to travel by private air charter. Now, in this reimagined world with COVID-19, private air charter is the answer.

  1. Confidently travel in fully cleaned and sanitized aircraft
  2. Personally arrange the flight manifest
  3. Flexibly manage your travel timing, dates and destination
  4. Circumvent crowded airport terminals with valet services direct between aircraft and vehicle


Control who, what, when, where and how you and your family, including pets, travel to experience the world. For business travel, ensure you and your associates get where you need to be, when you need to be there. With private air charter, you can adapt each trip to fit your needs.


Private air travel provides ultimate flexibility, convenience and comfort. You can choose to charter a flight for very short distance, or fly to a destination on the other side of the world. Invite as many or as few passengers as you like, depending on which aircraft you charter, and even bring your beloved pet. Plan a last-minute golfing trip with friends and bring your clubs on the plane with no hassle. Forget worries of having enough leg room and experience comfort so you can relax and enjoy.


New wealthy fliers, in addition to existing customers, are driving a private aviation boom. As referenced in a recent article from The New York Times, a person on the average commercial flight has about 700 points of contact with other people and objects, according to a recent analysis by the consulting firm McKinsey, but private flights have only 20 to 30. This, among other concerns, has led to the increased interest in private jet charter recently.

Charter with Fly Aviation

Fly Charters has implemented COVID-19 Safety Protocols to keep our customers and crews safe and healthy, including enhanced aircraft sanitization and cleanliness procedures, amplified trip evaluations, crew health monitoring prior to every trip and the use of PPE for all associates.

Avoid crowded flights and always prioritize your health and safety. Charter a private jet with Fly Charters, with its vast network in the business aviation industry across the globe and crew that practices Health and Safety measures set by the WHO – World Health Organization ensures you a successful and safe journey. Email them at [email protected] or visit their website : https://www.flycharters.aero/

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