Private Jets are more Accessible and Affordable

Private jets are more accessible than ever, the COVID-19 created a situation where many got an opportunity to try out private jets for the first time. For discerning travelers out there, here’s how to hire one.

These Covid-era days, fewer people want to sit on a plane literally rubbing elbows with strangers, so they’re looking for alternative ways to travel that minimize close contact.

For journeys where driving or taking a train are impractical, there’s another alternative that may actually be more accessible than most people think: flying a private jet.

While traveling by private aircraft may still be expensive, it’s no longer an exclusive privilege reserved only for the ultrarich and C-Suite business executives.

While chartering a private jet can cost more than flying in first-class or business class, the personalized service can be worth the upgrade.

Here’s a quick look at what it costs to fly private, the different options available, and the extra benefits you can get.

How to charter a private jet

It’s possible to book private charters directly from Fly Charters. Travelers can browse through the various options then submit their details, after which a booking agent will make contact with a quote based on fleet availability.

The charter company may have another flight going to the same destination. So if the travelers is comfortable flying with strangers, a shared charter or a “book your own seat” reservation can be significantly cheaper than booking an entire private jet.

Another time-saving option for passengers with no loyalty to any particular service is to go through a charter broker who will use a database like Avinode to see available planes for the passenger’s route and travel times.
If going down this route it’s a good idea to vet the safety records of the charter company. The regulations with charter services may not be as stringent as with commercial airlines.

Although it’s a bit pricy, private jet hire offers advantages like the ability to set your own itinerary.

Book by the seat

The cheapest option is “booking by the seat” on a scheduled run on a plane that holds up to 30 passengers in a 2×1 seating pattern.

An upgrade to a premium fare may be needed to reserve a seat in advance and check-in multiple bags.

Shared charters and private charters
One way to enjoy a more private experience that can be affordable is by booking a shared charter.

With this option, someone charters a plane and sells the empty seats to reduce their total costs.

It will involve flying with strangers, but there are far fewer passengers than commercial flights and the experience can be more luxurious.

Shared charters cost more than booking by the seat but are cheaper than booking an entire plane.

These flights may have additional service fees for on-demand booking conveniences or if the plane must remove snow and ice before a winter takeoff. Regular fliers may explore membership plans that have upfront charges but reduce incidental costs.

Chartering a jet for international travel is another option, but it will be more costly. Still, this may be the best option with the current situation due to the Pandemic
Private Jets are more accessible and affordable

Save with Empty Legs

One fun way to fly privately is searching for “empty leg” flights.

Not every private jet you see in the air has passengers and might be repositioning. As empty legs are essentially non-revenue flights, it’s possible to book a seat for up to 75% off the normal charter rate.

It’s also possible to be the only passenger on the flight. Travelers should be advised that empty legs may not offer in-flight catering unless by prior arrangement.

Benefits of flying privately

  • Fewer high-risk contact points of COVID-19
  • Custom flight plans
  • Personalized service
  • Bring your pets with you

Benefits of chartering a private jet in details here – Advantages & Benefits Of Private Jet Flights

Charter with Fly Aviation

Fly Charters has implemented COVID-19 Safety Protocols to keep our customers and crews safe and healthy, including enhanced aircraft sanitization and cleanliness procedures, amplified trip evaluations, crew health monitoring prior to every trip and the use of PPE for all associates.

Avoid crowded flights and always prioritize your health and safety. Charter a private jet with Fly Charters, with its vast network in the business aviation industry across the globe and crew that practices Health and Safety measures set by the WHO – World Health Organization ensures you a successful and safe journey. Email them at [email protected] or visit their website :

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