Handling Repatriation Flights – From Africa to China back to Africa

A lot of international routes have been restricted due to the Pandemic Coronavirus,  most airlines are still not operating completely and a lot of people are stuck abroad when COVID-19 travel restrictions were implemented. One of the best solutions for the stranded citizens is Repatriation Flights.

What is Repatriation Flights?

Repatriation Flights are special charter flights organized by the governments to bring their citizens back to their home country. The coronavirus(COVID-19) pandemic ignited repatriation efforts across the world. 

How do you find Repatriation Flights?

It is highly advisable to check it with your Consular Offices or check the news on their social media handles. As the reservation process is different from each country. In some cases, the American Citizens are asked to fill-up an online form- Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP)

How does Fly Aviation contribute?

Repatriation flights require intensive planning and proper execution. With Fly Aviation specialty in Ground Handling and Flight Planning ensures that each flight is successful even on short-notice situations. 

The very recent repatriation flight they handled is a flight from Africa to China loaded with Chinese passengers bringing smiles to their faces when they reached their home country. The flight flew back to Africa bringing African passengers to finally re-connect with their loved ones.

Fly Charters can arrange chartered Repatriation Flights from any country worldwide. Since the outbreak of COVID-19, Fly Charters helped numerous stranded citizens return to their home countries.


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