Flight to Nowhere with Private Jet – Better & Safer

At a time when most people are stuck at home and unable to travel, and the Aviation Industry has been decimated due to the pandemic COVID-19. A lot of frequent travelers missed the pleasure of traveling. But amid global restrictions, travelers have been booking flights that start and end in the same place. Some call […]

Air Cargo Demand Stable, Capacity Remains Constrained

“Economic indicators are improving, but we have not yet seen that fully reflected in growing air cargo shipments. That said, air cargo is much stronger than the passenger side of the business. And one of our biggest challenges remains accommodating demand with severely reduced capacity. If borders remain closed, travel curtailed and passenger fleets grounded, […]

8 Aviation Pioneers that Made a Big Impact in the World of Aviation

Today is National Aviation Day, let's take this time to appreciate the aviation pioneers that made a remarkable contribution in Aviation History. Aviation has generated some of the most remarkable figures that ever lived, including those brave pilots who made the first forays into the air and who courageously pushed the bounds of flight in ways previously unimaginable. At the same time, aviation has produced a number of people whose heroism rises above the job description of pilot, even if that is the day job. These figures touched all of us in aviation and, in many cases, those far beyond the flying world by their extraordinary deeds, talents or accomplishments. Here are some of the people who changed aviation and, [...]

8 Things To Know When Booking Your First Private Jet Charter Flight

As private jet travel rebounds to more than 80% of pre-COVID-19 levels, it does so based on the strength of you, the first-time private flyer. From large fleet operators to boutique brokers, virtually all report a spike in new-to-market fliers. Primary reasons include minimizing potential COVID-19 exposure and lacking airline schedules. 1. Where are you starting from and where do you want to end up? This might seem silly, but since private aircraft can access around 5,000 airports compared to less than 500 used by the airlines before COVID-19, there’s a good chance there are closers airports than you are used to. By giving your operator or broker the address you are leaving from and where you are going, they […]

List of Countries Open for Summer Travel

Many of the world’s greatest travel destinations are reopening to international travelers this summer. But not all openings are created equal. A handful of countries are letting in everyone, while others are inviting only a select few. Here is a definitive guide to the countries that are now welcoming travelers — or have indicated they will before August. Consider the following We are excluding countries that require a 14-day quarantine upon entering; we assume even those staying at the poshest of places want to occasionally leave their rooms. Importantly, this is a list of where you can go — not whether you can ease back into your home country. Americans who have always dreamed of seeing the Maldives can likely […]

The Maldives is now open to all global tourists

Though border restrictions and quarantine measures are keeping people from visiting many of the world's most popular travel destinations at the moment, one country famed for its natural beauty is now welcoming all guests -- the Maldives. As of July 15, this island nation in the Indian Ocean is reopened to international tourism and, perhaps remarkably, very few strings are attached. Global travelers -- US citizens included -- will not have to enter into a mandatory quarantine upon arrival at Velana International Airport in the capital, Male. Nor will they need to produce proof they have tested negative for coronavirus. There are also no new visa requirements or additional fees to pay. One island, one resort In the beginning, international [...]

Dubai Reopens to Tourist – What you need to know

Dubai will reopen to tourists today. But traveling to the shimmering desert jewel won’t be easy, with the local government imposing several restrictions for tourists before they board their flight. What are these new restrictions, and what is it like to travel to Dubai in a post-COVID-19 world? Dubai, part of the United Arab Emirates (UAE), was heavily impacted by the coronavirus. The local government, not wanting to end up like Italy and Spain, made moves to lock down the entire city and restrict the movement of citizens. They rolled out ambitious testing and ensured that they had plenty of medical equipment available to those few critical cases. On April 24th, residents were allowed to move around and visit one […]

Air Cargo rates decreases as demand boom cools

An air cargo boom driven by demand for protective gear against the coronavirus has peaked and rates, while still 50 percent above normal levels, are falling in a worrying trend for airlines relying on freight revenue in the absence of passengers. Declining prices may deal a blow to carriers that are scrambling to move cargo to offset weak passenger revenues as they rebuild networks by flying reopened routes with half-empty cabins. “The early-mover advantage has disappeared and I can see why some of the rates are coming down,” said Phil Seymour, president of aviation consulting firm IBA. “The market is becoming flooded with belly freight capacity.” About half of the air cargo carried worldwide normally flies in the belly of […]

Why Business Leaders use Private Aviation

There are many reasons business leaders and executives prefer the flexibility of private aviation. When asked about their reasons 9/10 agreed that their business has benefitted and qualified that with the reasons outlined below: No More Long Wait Times Long wait times are an issue. All commercial airliners work on a set schedule, and whether you’re traveling first-class or back in the economy, you’ll all arrive at the same time. Commercial aircraft operate out of select airports and, because of their size, they have to wait to use the large runways. This always means congestion. Anyone who flies regularly knows just what it’s like to wait on the runway or in a holding pattern for ages – annoying, to say […]