Dubai Reopens to Tourist – What you need to know

Dubai will reopen to tourists today. But traveling to the shimmering desert jewel won’t be easy, with the local government imposing several restrictions for tourists before they board their flight. What are these new restrictions, and what is it like to travel to Dubai in a post-COVID-19 world? Dubai, part of the United Arab Emirates […]

Air Cargo rates decreases as demand boom cools

An air cargo boom driven by demand for protective gear against the coronavirus has peaked and rates, while still 50 percent above normal levels, are falling in a worrying trend for airlines relying on freight revenue in the absence of passengers. Declining prices may deal a blow to carriers that are scrambling to move cargo […]

Why Business Leaders use Private Aviation

There are many reasons business leaders and executives prefer the flexibility of private aviation. When asked about their reasons 9/10 agreed that their business has benefitted and qualified that with the reasons outlined below: No More Long Wait Times Long wait times are an issue. All commercial airliners work on a set schedule, and whether […]

Private jet demand will have it much easier than commercial

“Safety first focussed travelers are likely to give commercial flights a long goodbye” Private aviation is bouncing back more quickly from the coronavirus pandemic than it did from the 2008 recession, a blow from which it never fully recovered. The prospect for a V-shaped recovery in private-jet flights is underpinned by a smaller base of […]

Handling Repatriation Flights – From Africa to China back to Africa

A lot of international routes have been restricted due to the Pandemic Coronavirus,  most airlines are still not operating completely and a lot of people are stuck abroad when COVID-19 travel restrictions were implemented. One of the best solutions for the stranded citizens is Repatriation Flights. What is Repatriation Flights? Repatriation Flights are special charter […]

‘New Normal‘ Could Bring Opportunity for Bizav in Asia

The Asian Business Aviation Association (AsBAA) is hoping general aviation and business aviation stakeholders will seize the current opportunity to expand their businesses and presence as governments around the region look at general/business aviation in a different light following the Covid-19 pandemic, the AsBAA board said yesterday during a webinar. “Life is never the same […]

Airlines parking planes at smaller airports to save on storage costs during COVID-19

The skies are eerily empty these days, presenting a new challenge for the world’s embattled airlines as they work to safeguard thousands of grounded planes parked wingtip to wingtip on runways and in storage facilities. More than 16,000 passenger jets are grounded worldwide, according to industry researcher Cirium, as the coronavirus obliterates travel and puts […]

Seating Innovation Addresses Covid Concerns

It’s clear, flying will be different after COVID-19, and while some airlines are discussing the removal of middle seats to maintain social distancing, one airplane interiors company has come up with concepts for adapting economy class cabins. Italian designers Aviointeriors, the company behind the standing airplane seat, has unveiled two new seat designs aimed at […]

British Citizens Stuck in South Asia to be Repatriated

Thousands of British citizens stranded in South Asia by the coronavirus lockdown are to return home after the UK government chartered repatriation flights. The flights will return British citizens to the UK, with priority given to elderly people, those with underlying health conditions and others at risk of developing severe coronavirus symptoms. Tickets are being […]

Air cargo vital in the fight against COVID-19

Air cargo carriers, freight forwarders, truckers, and all involved in the logistics supply chain are working to ensure essential equipment and supplies reach their destination. There are many innovative examples of air cargo working to fight COVID-19 and to keep the world economy moving. For example, Fly Charters offered a charter flight worldwide carrying critical […]